Practical Palaeography: Recreating the Exeter Book in a Modern Day ‘Scriptorium’

Reblog of a piece I originally wrote for Teaching the Codex on my work with the Society of Northumbrian Scribes.

Teaching the Codex

Dr Johanna Green is a lecturer in Book History and Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow. Her PhD (English Language, University of Glasgow 2012) focused on a palaeographical study of the textual division and subordination of the Exeter Book manuscript. Here, she tells us about the first of two sessions she led for the Society of Northumbrian Scribes, a group of calligraphers based in North East England, bringing palaeographic research and modern-day calligraphy together for the public.

I am a Mackem.

(It’s important I admit this up front.)

Despite having lived in Glasgow for over fifteen years, my connections to my home town of Sunderland, and the North East of England in general, are still very strong. The reason goes beyond family connections; it was here I first encountered medieval manuscripts. The North East is particularly proud of its written heritage, and isn’t afraid to show it. The Lindisfarne…

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